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Fence & Deck Building in Montreal & Quebec

Deck building for adding livable space to your home.

Are you looking for the best fence or deck builder in Montreal or Quebec? Look no further because the best contractors are in our network.

Building or renovating a fence can increase your privacy and curb appeal.  A good fence also enhances your safety and security.

Choose from hundreds of cedar, wooden, iron, PVC or vinyl fences, aluminum, and many more to suit your taste or budget.

Privacy screens and fence designs can be customized to suit your home’s design or neighborhood standards. Our partner contractors can offer professional advice and guidance in your project to get outstanding results!

If it is a deck you are interested in, our partners are also experienced in building decks of all types to improve your home’s appearance and increase your livable space.

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Fence & Privacy Screens for home improvement

Before we get into the details, let’s first clarify what is the difference between a privacy screen and a fence.

Fences generally provide more privacy as they block the yard from outside view completely. It goes all around your property. On the other hand, a privacy screen generally covers only a section or part of your outdoor space. It also offers less security.

Which is better – a fence or a privacy screen?

Constructing a metal fence.

Homeowners who desire more privacy for the garden or yard may believe that a fence is the only choice. There are, however, other ways to achieve privacy including installing a privacy screen.

To answer your question, it is first necessary to consider how much privacy you need.  Of course, a fence can totally block your yard completely from view. If higher security is also your goal, then a fence would suit your needs best.

If your goal is to create a small private area such as a deck or patio, a privacy screen can also do the job.


Materials used for a fence vs. a privacy screen

Simple picket fence on a property.

Fences use many types of materials such as plastic, iron, bricks, or wood.  It is important to choose the right material to build with for durability, bigger return on investment, aesthetic value, and security.

Whether you are installing a fence for the first time or replacing your existing one, it is important to choose high-quality materials. It must withstand rain, sleet, snowstorms, ice, and more!

There are 4 types of fences that can stand up to the harsh winter conditions in Montreal:


Wrought-iron fence

This pretty and winter-proof type of fence is very popular because of its aesthetic value and practicality.

Strong and durable, a wrought-iron fence will last for many years, even in areas with a lot of moisture or snow.

This type of fence will also increase curb appeal and positively impact the value of your home at resale.



An aluminum fence is affordable and requires little maintenance. It can also withstand winter conditions and has anti-rust capability.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and convenient fencing solution, consider aluminum fences from our landscaping partners.

It will last for many years for as long as the material is of high-quality and is installed by an experienced professional.


PVC Vinyl

A PVC vinyl fence is perfect for winter.  Durable and quite hardy, it lasts a long time and is generally easy to clean or maintain.  Many homeowners choose this type of fence because it is stylish and durable.  They come in different colors and designs.


Vinyl-coated chain link

If you want a durable fence that allows wind to pass through, a vinyl-coated chain link is the answer.

Steel is very strong and when treated properly, it can resist severe wind and cold.  It is also easy to maintain and clean and offers adequate security to your property, too.


Are wooden fences ideal in Montreal & Quebec?

Wooden fence in urban background.

Wooden fences are charming, versatile, and durable. They are perfect for most types of homes.

When built with high-quality wood, a wooden fence can offer privacy and durability.   Wood comes to mind for most homeowners interested in installing a fence.

The best advantage to choosing a wooden fence is aesthetic value.  It has many designs and can be customized to suit your taste.  Boards can be vertically or horizontally installed to suit the design you want. It can be stained or painted and have decorative lattice on top.

However, wooden fences also have some disadvantages.  Wood is unpredictable and can crack under certain weather conditions. It can also shrink or swell during winter.  The lifespan of wooden fences is from 10 to 20 years and compared to other types of fences, they may not last as long.

Lastly, wooden fences require more maintenance. Regular re-staining is required to maintain its color. Wooden fences are also more difficult to repair.

Keep these pros and cons of wooden fences in mind when planning to build your fence.  In the end, you must choose the type of fence based on your goals, objectives, and budget.

Wooden fences are very popular all over Montreal and Quebec but they are not allowed in the Nouveau Saint-Laurent and Bois-Franc areas.


Do you need a permit to install a fence in Montreal?

White vinyl fence on a residential property.

A permit is not required to build a fence on your property but there are certain requirements that need to be met.

  • The minimum distance between a fire hydrant and a fence is 1.20 m
  • The minimum distance between a sidewalk or edge of the street and a fence is 1.50 m
  • All fences must be maintained in good condition

If you are constructing a fence in a back or side yard, you can use the following:

  • Iron mesh (plastic-coated with rails and metal posts
  • Aluminum or PVC slats
  • PVC
  • Wrought iron

If you are constructing a fence in the front yard, you can use the following:

  • Wrought iron/ornamental iron
  • Masonry posts for ornamental iron or wrought iron

Barbed wire, chain-link, and sheet metal are not permitted for use for fencing.

Consult a reliable and experienced fence builder from our network to ensure your fence meets standards in your area.

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The average cost of fence installation

How much will it cost to install a new fence? Below is a short guide covering the features and prices of the different types of fences popular in Montreal and Quebec.


PVC Fence

A low-maintenance fence such as a PVC fence is inexpensive.  It comes in different colors and can last for 20 years.

The average cost of a PVC fence is $65 per linear foot.


Ornamental Fence

An ornamental fence made of steel costs on average from $40 to $70 per linear foot. This type of fence does not require much maintenance. It is available in different colors and designs to suit your preferences.

The lifespan of an ornamental steel fence is 20 years.


Wooden Fences

Different types of wood are used for fence construction. The most popular material is treated wood which costs about $35 to $60 per linear foot.

Red cedar is of good quality and naturally resistant to insects and mold. It requires little maintenance and is long-lasting.  Cedar fences are more expensive than treated wood fences.


Aluminum Fence

Aluminum is a good material for a fence. It is very durable and can resist strong winds, rain, and snow.

The average price of an aluminum fence is approximately $50 to $120 per linear foot.

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What are privacy screens and how much do they cost?

Use greenery to increase privacy in your outdoor space.

Privacy screens are perfect for décor or privacy.  They can be freestanding on fixed and work to shield your balcony, pool, porch, or deck from view.

If you have a fence but it is not enough, a privacy screen is a good solution.

Privacy screens come in different materials and designs such as metal and wood. They can also be fixed partitions or foldable and movable.

You can also use lush greenery and blooms to shroud the deck or patio.  For instance, trellis planter boxes placed strategically can create a screen of your outdoor space.

The cost of privacy screens depends on the size of the area you want to shield and the material you choose. Metal and wood privacy screens that serve like art pieces can be a bit more expensive.

A landscaping professional can help you choose and design plants or greenery that can be used as a privacy screen.

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Average prices for building a deck in Montreal & Quebec

Walk-out deck to enjoy the outdoor space.

Nothing beats spending a wonderful evening on a terrace of balcony. A deck increases the livable space in your home and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space.

If you are interested in a professional deck installation, you need to know what materials would suit your home and how much it will cost.

We don’t want you stressed out so we will present to you the market price of materials for your deck renovation.  The quality of the materials and the complexity of the project will have a big impact on the cost.




Average Cost
(per sq. ft.)
Treated wood $50 to $60
Fibreglass Light and durable
ImpermeableCan be slippery when wet
$25 to $30
(base not included)$40 to $50
(with base)
Cedar Can last for 50 years
Requires periodic treatment
$65 to $75
Composite wood Eco-friendly, made of recycled plastic and polymers
mimics real wood
Does not get slippery
$70 to $85
Concrete Very durable
Not as attractive as wood
High UV-resistance
$70 to $85

A deck or balcony contractor can help you with the following:

  • Design;
  • Choice of materials;
  • Demolition:
  • Removal and disposal of materials;
  • Finishing.

If you are planning to construct a deck, a patio, or a balcony, connect with our partners to get the best prices.

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Benefits of adding a deck to your backyard

Professional deck installation for high ROI.

Adding a deck to your backyard will allow you and your family to make use of your outdoor space in ways that suit your lifestyle.  It is also extra space for socializing, dining, recreation, relaxation, and even work.

If you add good lighting, you can use the space even at night. Landscapers can help make the space “dramatic” to suit the ambiance you want.

When the time comes to sell your house, it will also add significant value to your home.

Are you worried that your deck can only be used during the summer? Heaters can be installed on the deck to make the space more comfortable even in the spring or fall.

According to real estate professionals, a deck has almost 100% return on investment at resale. 


Find deck & fence contractors with free quotes

Connect with fence or deck contractors with free quotes.

If you want to start planning your fence or deck installation, the first step is to look for a good contractor.

We have partners in our network, all verified and thoroughly screened, to assist you from start to finish.  All of them carry the necessary liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for your peace of mind.

The best advantage of hiring professionals for your project is the warranty offered on the materials and workmanship to make sure your investment is protected.

How will you get matched to the right contractor for your project?

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Excavation & Earthwork for Landscaping Projects

Landscaping excavation with bulldozer.

Some landscaping projects need excavation and earthwork.  Landscape excavation involves preparation of the site by removing trees and dirt, digging, and grading. It will need heavy equipment such as backhoe loader, excavator, etc.

Fortunately, it is not at all difficult to find a qualified contractor for excavation because our network consists of such reputable professionals.

You can find a landscape contractor that can deliver a seamless turnkey project from earthwork to landscaping and installation of a new patio.

We have partners that serve all of Montreal and Quebec with the proper licenses and insurance for your peace of mind.

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Landscaping for Increased Curb Appeal and Livable Space

Patio installations may require earthwork or excavation.

Would you like to have more livable space in your yard? Landscaping contractors can help make this dream a reality.

Before you can put in beautiful trees, shrubs, or flowers, you may need to prepare the ground with excavation. You can then install a new patio or terrace or an in-ground pool surrounded by a garden, pond, or a new retaining wall.

Experienced contractors can help you with everything you need for your outdoor space. You can now start imagining what you want and our partners will help you achieve it.

Landscaping contractors offer:

  • Concrete removal
  • Tree removal services
  • Ditch digging
  • Well trenching
  • Excavation and earthwork
  • Stone paving
  • Pond construction
  • Landscape design – flower beds, stepping stones, fences, curb, pergola, planting

Find out more about these various services from our partner contractors so you can choose services you need at the best possible price.


Mini-excavation for small or tight spaces

It can be very hard to do landscaping in spaces in the yard that are tight. If this is the case, even regular excavation equipment may be too big. For this type of work, mini-excavation is a possibility.

The service is very similar to excavation except that special equipment will be used to reach inaccessible or difficult places.   This means that the work will not be done manually and it can save many hours or labor.

Other projects where mini-excavation would be useful include:

  • Installation of a driveway
  • Pond
  • Sod laying
  • Sidewalk
  • Grading
  • Installing basement windows
  • Planting
  • Gutters

Experts can offer you the right team and equipment for your excavation needs. Just fill out the short form on this page and receive free and no-commitment quotes.


Projects that require excavation and earthwork

Construction work require excavation and earthwork.

Other home improvement projects for outdoor livable space may need excavation work.

New driveway

Are you building a new driveway? This may require large-scale excavation but it is not always the case. Experts will be able to advise you if you need to excavation any unsuitable material and install gravel and stone base.

This will also be true if the driveway has been compromised by trees, is steep or is long and has varying grades.

Installing a patio

A patio is a hardscaped living space that is an extension of your home. It is important that the patio looks attractive but also function well. Preparing the site is critical and excavation is required. Digging out the soil to remove unsuitable materials at the proper depth will ensure the patio is stable.

It must also be sloped away from the home so that water will properly drain. Depending on the size of the patio, certain municipal regulations need to be considered. Professionals are knowledgeable about local regulations and will make sure they are followed.

Retaining wall

Homeowners want a retaining wall for different reasons which could be aesthetic or functional.

Some want to correct a grading or drainage problem while others want to use it for decorative purposes.

Whatever the reason, a retaining wall will need excavation with machinery as the hole must be deep enough to give a solid and strong foundation. It also needs adequate drainage to make sure the wall will last a long time.

French drain installation

Leaks and water runoff can cause damage to a home’s foundation. It is important for a French drain to function well. If there is mold, mildew, or water around the home or in the basement, the French drain may need a replacement.

Experienced contractors have the proper equipment to excavate without compromising the grading. A new French drain can be installed that complies with building code regulations.


The cost of excavation in Montreal & Quebec

Landscaping excavation in the yard.

Excavation may be the first step of a construction project and is common in waterproofing basements, new construction, in-ground pools, driveways, patios, of for drainage control.

The cost of excavation in Montreal & Quebec depends on factors such as location, size, the type of equipment needed, soil or terrain, etc.

Typically, expect to pay from $279 to $395 per cubic yard for land excavation around Montreal or Quebec.  This figure takes into account the cost of specialty equipment, the cost of labor, and the disposal of debris and materials to protect existing finishes or structures.

You will also need to pay for any permits or inspection required by local building department.

Local residential excavation contractors prepare a site for development with the removal of trees, digging and grading the land, dirt removal, clearing, compacting, and land preparation.

Excavation of basement and waterproofing $7,000 to $15,000
Excavation for foundation (new) $2,500 to $6,000
Excavation for a swimming pool $2,000 to $20,000
(depending on access and soil)
Excavation for plumbing/septic tank $5,000 to $10,000
Excavation for patio or driveway $2,000 to $3,500

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FAQS about excavation and earthwork

Can I do a small excavation DIY to save money?

Theoretically, you could make a small excavation DIY if you have skills and equipment. But this could be dangerous as you may hit utilities or cause damage to your home or even injuries to yourself.

Any type of excavation is better left in the hands of experienced contractors.

What is yard leveling?

Also called grading, this is a type of excavation that aims to correct drainage problems or prepare the ground for building a home extension.  It involves digging and filling and removing dirt.

How can I calculate the cost of excavation?

Most contractors charge based per cubic yard. The easiest way is to get free quotes from reliable contractors in our network by filling out a short online form.

Can excavation or grading be done during winter?

Sure, it can be done in winter but the cost may be higher because the work is more difficult around this time.

How long does excavation take?

It could take a few days, depending on the size of the yard and other factors such as access and soil and terrain.

Is an excavation permit required in Quebec?

If you are constructing a new building, installing a French drain, decontaminating the soil, or repairing underground structures, you will need an excavation permit.

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Tips for hiring the right excavation contractor

Excavation contractor checking on site.

Are you planning a project that needs excavation work? Unless you are skilled and have the proper equipment, you will need to hire an excavation contractor.

Take the time to compare services and prices of multiple contractors to avoid unpleasant surprises and save time and money.

Excavation is broad field and many companies offer excavation services as part of their specialty works such as installing French drains, basement renovations, landscaping works, waterproofing or foundation repairs.

Check the licenses and qualifications of the contractor companies. In Quebec, an RBQ license is required for contractors carrying out excavation works.

Choosing an excavation contractor should not be taken lightly. To get value for your money, compare the services of our partner contractors.

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Paving Stone for Entrance or Terrace renovations

Brick stone pavers for driveway and garage.

Are you landscaping your garden or installing a terrace or patio? Paving stones are an essential component of landscaping. They also make a terrace or patio more beautiful.

Landscapers are certified stone paving professionals who can transform outdoor spaces in your home with unlimited design possibilities. Whether you want an outdoor pit, a beautiful driveway, or a private oasis with your terrace, these professionals can help.

Natural stone as pavers add charm to any setting and with select vegetation and grass, they will make your outdoor space stand out.

Fill out the form on this page to connect with top landscaping pros in your area for paving stones for your driveway, patio, or terrace.

Compare free and no-obligation quotes from our reliable landscaping partners today.


Benefits of paving stones for outdoor renovations

Paved walkways with lush landscaping.

Pavers are very durable and last longer than cement slabs. Consider installing paving stone or brick pavers to beautify your outdoor space, increase your comfort, and possibly increase the value of your property.

What are pavers? These are shaped stones made of cement, bricks, or natural stone that can be used as exterior flooring. They are often used in pool areas, patios, terraces, driveways, and garden walkways or pathways.

You can benefit from using pavers in your outdoor spaces in the following ways:

Easier to maintain: Pavers are easier to maintain than concrete slab or wooden boards. They only need periodic washing.

Durability: Pavers are very durable and can last for decades. Unlike cement, pavers will not easily crack or shift. They are also easy to replace in case of damage.

Increase home value: Pavers can increase the value of your home and has an estimated return on investment (ROI) of up to 70% at resale.

High aesthetic value: Pavers are beautiful to look at and make any outdoor space more attractive.

There are many different types and styles of pavers available. These can create striking variations in color and texture to suit your preferences and taste.


Concrete vs. Pavers for your outdoor spaces

Compare concrete slab vs. pavers for your patio or driveway.

For outdoor spaces, wood and cement are the most commonly-used materials. Compared to pavers, wood and concrete require higher levels of maintenance. They both do not last as long as pavers as cement tends to crack, discolor, and get mold and mildew while wood rots and warps.

Repairing cement and wood is more costly, too. Cement slabs may be cheap upfront but the cost of maintaining them over time makes cement more expensive as a flooring option in the long-term. Aesthetic value is also low and it adds little to home value.

On the other hand, pavers are more attractive as outdoor floor covering and increase the value of your property. They also last longer and need little maintenance over time. In case of damage, they are easy to replace or repair.

Why use cement on your outdoor areas when you can create more stunning outdoor spaces with paving stones?

Speak to reliable and experienced paving professionals in our network. Connect with them using our short online form, free of charge!


Types of paving stones for residential use

Use pavers to create unique designs and patterns.

Believe it or not, the type of paving material you choose could be the most important decision in your landscaping or renovation project.

Just like the plants and trees you plant in your garden, paving materials will create texture, color, and patterns that increase the beauty of your outdoor space. Paved surfaces also affect your comfort and safety as you walk on the outdoor flooring of your garden, terrace, or patio.

The wide variety of paving materials will make shopping for them an exciting and challenging experience. We want to give you a good idea of what you can find, along with their pros and cons, to help you arrive at the best choice for your outdoor space based on your needs and budget.

Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are made from cement that was molded, shaped, and dried. Some are colored with dyes to mimic stone pavers and increase their aesthetic value.

Concrete pavers are more durable than their plain cement counterpart and can be used to create more unique patterns for outdoor surfaces.

They are also the most affordable type of paving materials on the market.

Brick Pavers

Brick or clay pavers are high-fired in a kiln to make durable paving stones that will last a long time.

They are usually orange terracotta or red in color but white and cream are also options to consider.

Their colors don’t fade even when exposed to the sun and outdoor elements. Thus,they are very suitable for outdoor spaces.

Natural Stone Pavers

Each type of stone paver has a unique appearance but they all stand the test of time and add a timeless appeal to your outdoor space. They are also very convenient and practical due to their longevity and low maintenance requirements.

Natural stone pavers include:

  • Granite
  • Bluestone
  • Flagstone
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Slate

If you want a natural look that blends well with the outdoors for hosting BBQ parties or a cozy place with a fire pit, you can’t go wrong with natural stone pavers.

You can also mix and match different materials to create exciting designs. Use a medley of pavers to achieve the look you desire or create focal points in your walkways or driveway.

Paving professionals can provide you with many options for your project. Compare bids from landscapers in your area, free of charge, using our short online form!

Reasons to hire landscapers for your outdoor renovation

Certified landscapers with proper qualifications for outdoor renovations.

Are you dreaming of transforming your backyard with landscaping and putting in paving stones and other accessories? While you can try to do it by yourself, it is so much better to turn to professional landscapers.

The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association provides Accredited Landscape Horticulture Company certification to professional landscapers. This certification is a testament to their high proficiency level and expertise in landscaping.

By hiring the pros, you can amaze everyone with the outstanding results and reap the rewards of your investment for a long time.

Below are solid reasons to consider hiring certified landscapers for your outdoor project.

  1. Easier and faster than DIY jobsLandscapers can make it easier and faster to build your landscaped garden and install paving stones on your entrance, driveway, or patio.If you do it yourself, it could take months before you accomplish what you want. Landscapers will also need time to finish the work but the results will be outstanding.Landscapers can also build other features you need such as a retaining wall, fire pit, etc.
  2. Landscaping is back-breaking, time-consuming, and needs more than 1 worker.If you are landscaping your garden and putting in a 20 x 20 patio with paving stones, you need help.You will need to do some excavation, carry materials to the site, build a foundation, install pavers, etc. That’s massive work for just 1 person!
  3. Landscapers use science, engineering, and art to provide the best possible results.Pros consider rainwater, soil, sunlight, as well as municipal regulations in the design and installation of your landscaping and paving stones. This approach ensures that the results are durable, high in quality, and safe.
  4. SavingsYes, you can save money when you hire certified landscapers. They have all the tools and equipment so you won’t need to buy or rent. They can also pass on to you trade discounts from their suppliers. And because the work is high in quality, you are assured that you won’t need to replace or do repairs for many years.You may think hiring a professional landscaper will cost you a lot of money. However, it will cost you more to redo the work in a year or so because of unforeseen problems, poor design, or shoddy work.Get the work done right from the beginning and enjoy the fruits of your investment for a long, long time.
  5. Increase in property valueProfessional landscaping will increase the value of your property at resale. You will increase curb appeal, attract more buyers, and get a better selling price if your property is well-maintained and attractive inside and outside.
  6. InsuranceProfessionals are required to have liability insurance in case something goes wrong. This gives you peace of mind.As you can see, there are many good reasons to choose a certified landscaper for your project.With his advice and expertise, you can avoid many mistakes and choose the right materials and plants for your landscape so you can get the best value for your investment.


What is the cost to install paving stones?

Cost to install paving stones in Montreal and Quebec.

Would you like to increase the curb appeal of your property? Are you dreaming of installing a new patio or terrace?

Professional landscapers can help you with the right design and paving stones that suit your taste and budget. To give you an idea of the cost of installing pavers, read on to know how they can add appeal and functionality to your house and the cost of installing pavers.

In Quebec, most homeowners prefer flagstone or brick pavers as they do well even in cold and harsh climates. They cost, on average, from $15 to $30 per square foot but the cost varies based on the size, type of material, and labour.

For instance, if you want to install brick pavers on a 20 x 20 patio, your materials could cost from $5 to $8 per square foot and labor will cost from $8 to $15 per square foot.

Expect to pay from $5,000 to $8,000 for your patio pavers but the cost can be lower if you choose cheaper materials like concrete pavers.

Comparison of the cost of paving stones

Concrete Brick Stone
$8 to $15 per square foot installed $12 to $25 per square foot installed $15 to $30 per square foot installed
Easy to install Requires experienced bricklayer Stone mason required
Good for the driveway, pool side, or patio. Very durable. Great for driveways and patios Ideal for walkways, gardens, or patios.
Not durable for garages
Available in different colors and shapes Available in different colors and shapes Available in different colors and textures
Requires sealant. Can be sealed Low maintenance
Reusable and eco-friendly High ROI

Homeowners spend from $6,000 to $18,000 on brick paver driveways, depending on the size. Interlocking pavers offer the best solid surface for driveways.

Would you like an accurate estimate for your paving project?
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Hedge-cutting, Pruning, and Tree Felling in Montreal & Quebec

Landscaping services for your property from qualified contractors.

Homeowners need tree services to keep their grounds clean, attractive, and safe. Tree contractors in Montreal and Quebec offer a variety of services including hedge cutting, pruning, and tree cutting for your convenience, all-year round.

Maintaining trees in your yard are better left in the experienced hands of arborists or tree professionals. Doing so will help you to avoid property damage, personal injuries, or damage to your trees or plants.

Arborists can also assess the health of your trees and recommend services needed for proper maintenance. With a properly pruned tree, your property increases in value. You will also avoid personal liability in case of accidents or injury to others and their property.

Get custom quotes from tree care contractors in Quebec and Montreal.
Fill out the short online form on this page for free and no-obligation quotes.


Why hire tree care specialists for your property?

Trees surrounding a property add to its aesthetic appeal and make the home more attractive and unique. Trees also make us feel closer to nature and increase our enjoyment of the outdoors.

Tree care companies offer their services to homeowners the whole year. If trees in your property are not well-maintained, you could end up spending thousands of dollars.

Homeowners are advised to have their trees inspected every year for diseases, cracks, and overgrowth as these could cause damage to power lines or adjoining properties.

A tree inspection before the winter starts is important because ice storms or strong winds are common. As a property owner, it is advisable to take responsibility for the trees for safety reasons and to maintain the curb appeal and value of the home.

Tree care contractors offer tree care for tree maintenance, tree planting, pruning, removal of old and compromised trees, pruning, and hedge cutting with the right equipment.

Qualified contractors also employ experienced arborists and have the proper insurance for your peace of mind and protection.


Who needs a tree care company or contractor?

If you have trees on your property, whether it is commercial or residential, you need the services of a tree care specialist.

For the safety of people and properties around you, it is essential to get tree trimming and tree care services from qualified contractors. Many trees need to be cut down each year. Professionals will handle the safe removal of trees, especially in urban areas where there are many obstacles around them.

In Quebec, the law mandates that only Hydro-Quebec or a professional tree specialist can do tree pruning or cutting within 3 meters of a medium-voltage power line.

If you are planning on doing landscaping or tree trimming on your property and it is near a power line, make sure to check local guidelines and consult a professional tree care company.

There are also instances when the neighbor’s tree’s roots could extend to your land and affect the use of your property. You should request your neighbor to have the roots or branches cut.

You could be liable for damage caused by trees on your property. Hence, regular tree maintenance is essential.

Find out how tree care specialists in our network can help you maintain trees and other vegetation on your land by filling out the short online form, free of charge!

Things to look for regarding trees on your property

Tree removal services from contractors.

Having trees on your property comes with certain responsibilities. Below are things to look out for regarding the maintenance of your trees.

  • Elimination of rubbing branches
  • Dead or weak limbs
  • Diseased trees
  • Storm damage
  • Branches that interfere with gutters, chimneys, wires, street or sidewalks, and buildings
  • Mushrooms, wounds, cankers on limbs or the trunk
  • Dying trees
  • Animals such as woodpeckers or insects that threaten the health of your tree
  • Pollarding (tree that has been topped)
  • Thinning crown

Tree Pruning

As the trees on your property mature, the value of your home can also be increased. As a homeowner, you have the responsibility of making sure that the trees on your property do not pose any hazards.

Professional tree specialists (arborists) can prune the trees to remove damaged or diseased branches, remove crowding limbs, and eliminate any risks or danger.

They can also increase the crown of the tree by removing lower branches. Local regulations require clearances for driveways, sidewalks, and garages.

Tree Cutting or Removal

Felling a tree is a last resort and should be considered only if the safety of people or personal property is at risk. Arborists will assess the need to take down a tree for safety. They have the necessary equipment to do it safely.

Some situations wherein the removal of a tree is necessary:

  • Tree is too close to the home, utility lines, other buildings, or pool
  • Roots causing damage to the home’s foundation or to driveways, sidewalks, or other buildings
  • Potential hazard from storm damage
  • The tree is diseased, dying, or dead
  • The tree is blocking a planned renovation or construction

Professional tree care companies can provide crane service for the removal of large trees.

In Montreal, you need to obtain a permit to cut down a mature tree on your land.  Check tree care regulations in Montreal or coordinate with your tree company for the requirements.


Trees and Shrubs Fertilization

In urban areas like Montreal and Quebec, trees require fertilization so they can thrive.

Homeowners like you want their trees to give aesthetic value for decades, or even centuries. Certified professionals with experience can ensure the health of trees and shrubs on your property.  They will pay special attention to what nutrients the trees need for longevity.

With a focus on safety, our partner contractors also have the required insurance to protect your home and its landscaping.


The cost of a tree care or removal company

Landscaper efficiently removing a tree.

Tree removal services can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000 although most homeowners pay around $700 to $1,000.  The rate depends on the size of the tree for removal. Of course, the removal of bigger trees cost more than small ones.

Don’t be tempted to hire part-timers who offer cheaper rates as they may not have the proper insurance for the job. While it looks quite simple, accidents or unforeseen events can have drastic consequences. Qualified arborists have licenses and receive proper training for correct tree removal practices.

The size and the type of tree also have an impact on the price of tree removal services.  Mature oak trees and cedar trees cost more to remove than palm trees. Poplar trees are more difficult to remove due to their complex root systems and are the most expensive to remove.


Factors that increase the cost of a tree removal

Fallen tree after a storm.

Has a tree fallen on your property and is now posing a risk to your home or building? Emergency tree removal services are more expensive than one that you schedule ahead of time.

Other issues that make tree removal difficult such as a sloped yard, rocky soil, or proximity to power lines can significantly increase the cost.

If special equipment like a crane is needed to prevent a falling tree from damaging structures, it will also increase the cost by about $500 or more.

If a permit is needed for the tree removal, you will also need to pay a fee of $70 to $150.

Other tree maintenance services

Unless it is an emergency, homeowners usually schedule tree removal along with a small or large scale landscaping activity.  It makes sense to hire a company that can provide a full-scale of services rather than hiring multiple contractors.

Removing Debris

The quote for a tree removal generally includes disposing of the large branches and the trunk. But you could still have debris left on your land which you can’t easily dispose of by yourself.

For an additional price, tree removal specialists can haul away all debris left after a tree removal service.

Stump removal

Your tree removal service might not include removal of the stump.  Some homeowners can creatively use it as part of their landscaping design but others may just want it eliminated.

A specialized contractor can do this for you for an additional cost of $200 to $500. The price depends on how extensive the root system is and the time it takes to remove the stump completely.


Is topping a tree allowed in Montreal?

In all parts of Montreal, the practice of topping a tree, meaning cutting down 50% or more of its head or crown, is prohibited. It is a harmful practice that can cause damage and even lead to lawsuits.

There is one exception, which is for fruit-bearing trees. They are dwarfed from when they are young. If the tree in your yard is large, the height can be reduced gradually over a 3-year period to prevent damage to the tree.

Arborists are the best resources for safe and healthy practices for pruning and tree removal.

Get connected to reliable tree care specialists in your area by filling out the short online
form on this page, free of charge.


Hedge-trimming services: Cost and benefits

Trimming a hedge on a property.

Cedar hedges need trimming regularly. They must have just a few inches of green on their limbs. If trimming is not done properly, it will look unsightly or fail to generate new growth.

Without regular trimming, cedar hedges get very wide and could block livable spaces in the home.

Native to Quebec, cedars are usually trimmed in September but it can also be done all-year round except when temperatures are more than 30°C.

Professional hedge trimming will give your yard that very attractive appearance you desire.

The cost of pruning or trimming your hedges varies on the size of the property. Take a look at some of the factors that affect the overall cost.

Height of the Hedge

If the hedge is more than 6 feet tall, a ladder must be used for pruning. This can slow down the job as climbing up and down and moving it increases the time to finish the job. An additional person will also be needed to assist with the ladder for safety reasons.

Length of the Hedge

Does the hedge run along the whole property?  The length makes a big difference in the price. The longer it is, the higher the cost. It could be as low as $300 to as much as $2,000.


Landscapers consider access to be a major issue. If the hedge is easy to access such as if located in front of the property, it takes a shorter time to finish.  When it is at the back or with obstacles such as sheds, boats, etc., it may take a longer time to complete.

Cleaning-up and Disposal

After trimming the hedges, there could be a lot of waste on the property. The contractor can haul away the organic waste for an additional cost.


Quotes for hedge trimming or tree removal services

Would you like to get a quote for hedge trimming or tree removal on your property? Our partner contractors have extensive experience and expertise with any aspect of tree care or removal you need.

Fill out the short online form belowto get connected to reliable arborists anywhere in Quebec or Montreal and save time and money.

And while there is nothing as lovely as a tree, professional tree care services are necessary to keep your property looking well-maintained and safe.

Our partners are at your service! Just tell us what you need for your trees and we will gladly send you competitive quotes that suit your budget.

Free and no-commitment quotes for all your landscaping needs!

Drainage & Foundation Repairs in Montreal & Quebec

Drainage and foundation repairs from contractors in Quebec and Montreal.

Cracks in the foundation are bad news for homeowners. But the good news is that repairs are available and are offered by specialized contractors in Montreal and Quebec.

If you see foundation cracks or problems in your drainage, don’t be stressed out. Our partner contractors have the right materials and solutions to give lasting results to your home.

Keeping the house in good condition is of paramount importance. Not only does it shelter us and provide comfort every day, it is also the biggest asset of most Canadians!

Don’t waste time and connect with the best contractors to fix your foundation or drainage problems.

Fill out the short online form on this page and receive FREE and NO OBLIGATION quotes to compare.


Most Common Foundation Issues for Homeowners

Professional assessment of foundation cracks.

The age of the house and necessary repairs or renovations can be vexing for homeowners. Of course, repairs cost money and inconvenience.  Because the foundation supports the home’s structure, it is important to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Foundation Cracks

Cracks are commonly seen on the inside or outside of older homes. They vary in size and some cracks will need urgent repairs.

No matter the size or width of these cracks, they need to be taken seriously and dealt with at the soonest possible time. Failure to fix cracks can lead to water infiltration, mold, or additional damage. These issues can further degrade the home’s condition.

A reliable foundation contractor can diagnose the problem with a professional assessment and recommend the right solutions.


This problem may not be so urgent but it does cause headaches to homeowners. Efflorescence refers to the white stains you see on the foundation walls.

Water and a brush can take care of this annoying problem but it can come back time and again. Consult a contractor to help you get rid of the problem permanently.

Water infiltration

Do you see cracks in the foundation? This can be a sign of water infiltration, too. It could also be due to problems with the French drain. Whatever it is, you should consult a foundation contractor as soon as possible.


Pyrite is the mineral in the concrete used for building the foundation of older homes. It is not generally a big problem but it can be an issue when it is in contact with water and air as it can cause cracks in the foundation.

Pyrite becomes visible many years after the construction of the house. You can also ask a foundation contractor to check for pyrite.

Shifting foundation

Are doors or windows in the house not closing properly? Do you have crooked floors?  Some cracks in the foundation walls may have grown bigger. Over time, the foundation in older houses may move or shift and can have these effects.

If you are worried, speak to one of our partner contractors so that a proper assessment can be done. He will recommend the right solutions for your foundation problems.


Common reasons for foundation cracks

Want to know what causes cracks in the foundation? Here are the most common reasons.

Solid poured concrete: Cracks can form in solid poured concrete. This problem is quite common and can be repaired permanently outside or inside. The foundation wall is restored to its full thickness with a permanent waterproof resin.

Drainage problems: Weeping tile, window wells, French drains, sump pumps, or yard drainage can be the source of the foundation problems. These can be fixed with replacement drainage systems to solve the issue.

Wall leaks: Block stone, cinder block, or poured concrete can leak. These issues may be the cause of the cracks in the foundation. Waterproof membranes can be installed to protect the foundation from water infiltration.

Structural issues: Repairs can be done with epoxy, carbon fibre, or foundation replacement. If the structural problem is huge, complete wall or foundation replacement may be needed.

Sometimes, foundation cracks must be resolved from the exterior. Waterproofing of foundation cracks and excavation might be permanent solutions but they can be a dangerous undertaking. Multi-membrane repairs are quite successful for addressing foundation cracks and are installed after excavation and tied to the drainage system. It is also possible to repair cracks using high-pressure urethane resin injection to fill the crack from the inside to the outside.

Are you looking for solutions for foundation cracks?

Fill out the short online form on this page to get connected to experienced and reliable contractors from our network.


Services offered by foundation specialists

Installation of French drain for drainage solutions.

Our partner contractors specializing in foundations offer many services to solve your problems.

  • Foundation crack repairs
  • Floor or house leveling
  • French drain repair or installation
  • Pyrite
  • Foundation stabilization
  • Underpinning
  • Replacement of a foundation
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Excavation
  • Roughcast
  • Waterproofing
  • Concrete slab
  • Foundation wall
  • Concrete

Whether you need a small or large-scale foundation work, we have partner contractors that can do the work efficiently and for the right price.

Save time and money with free and no-commitment quotes using our short online form!


FAQS about foundation repairs

Repair cracked foundation with professional contractors.

Are foundation cracks normal?

Foundation cracks are common and it doesn’t always mean a massive problem. Regular inspection can spot these cracks and repair quickly so prevent further spreading.  There are cracks that are severe and these should be attended to by a specialist as soon as possible.

What are active and passive cracks?

Knowing the difference can help you to determine the best course of action. If a crack is active, it gets bigger over time. They must be repaired as soon as possible. Passive cracks don’t grow bigger quickly and are not urgent. Get a professional to check foundation cracks to get the right solution for the problem.

Is my house really sinking?

A sinking house means the foundation is moving. Some indicators are large cracks in the foundation, floor is not level, water infiltration, and roof distortions.

A foundation contractor can do an evaluation and recommend the best course of action.

Is it important to waterproof the foundation?

Concrete sustains damage from humidity and water. The foundation is exposed to the elements and is very prone to damage if not properly waterproofed.

There are different methods of waterproofing. You can get advice from foundation specialists to find the best waterproofing solution for your house.

Do I need a contractor for foundation repairs?

Yes, you must work with an experienced contractor to ensure that any repairs comply with the building code.  Specialists are knowledgeable about the best methods for repairing foundation cracks and waterproofing. Working with a professional will ensure long-lasting and permanent repairs to fix the problem.

Keep in mind that the foundation is an essential aspect of your home and has a huge impact on the value of your property.


The cost of repairing foundation cracks

House wall with cracks in the foundation.

The cost of repairing foundation cracks vary from one company to the next. It also depends on the gravity of the issue and the method of repair needed.

Most foundation cracks are repaired using interior epoxy injection. This method involves sealing the cracks with polyurethane injection and epoxy. It is very reliable when done professionally. This method can cost around $900 to $2,500 based on the size of the affected area.

Structural cracks are more serious because they can affect the integrity of the home. The method used for structural cracks combines carbon fibre countersunk staples with epoxy injection.

Structural foundation cracks are horizontal and usually more than ¼ inch.  The cost of this method can range from $1,250 to $5,000 depending on the gravity and size of the affected area.

Exterior crack repairs are done around the home’s foundation due to root, backfill, and water issues. It requires excavation of the foundation and repairing of the cracks using hydraulic cement and carbon fibre staples and the application of a waterproof membrane on top.

Once the exterior foundation is repaired, crushed stone backfill, proper membranes, and grading are also done to make sure that water is kept away from the house.

The cost of this service generally starts at around $5,000 depending on the scope and size of the work.

You can also get a professional assessment for foundation crack repair.
Just fill out the short online form and get connected, free of charge, to reliable contractors in your area.


Keep the basement dry with drainage repairs

Damage caused by a wet basement.

Do you have a moist crawl space? Are you concerned with your French drain or backyard drain?Worry no more because whatever it is, our reliable partners are ready to help you.

French drain systems

If you have a wet basement, it may be time to check your drainage system or have a French drain installed.

Basement leaks can be difficult to fix with excavation due to limitations with access. Some of these limitations can also include porches, sun rooms, landscaping, decks, or garages. They may prevent waterproofing from the exterior.

A French drain, or internal subfloor drainage system, is an ideal option to exterior waterproofing or weeping tile replacement. It is installed under the floor and on the edge of the walls. A contractor can fasten a waterproof membrane and connect the drainage system under the floor. This will solve your “wet basement” problem.

The cost of installing a French drain depends on factors such as:

  • The size of your home
  • The equipment to be used
  • The space between properties

Overall, you might spend $20,000 to $32,000 for your drainage project based on several factors. You can get a more accurate quote from our partner contractors by filling out our short online form.

Waterproofing from the outside

If you need to waterproof a basement from the home’s exterior, the earth on the bottom of the wall must be excavated. The weeping tile will be exposed and inspected so that a replacement can be installed, if needed.

Holes and cracks will be repaired and waterproof membranes will also be installed on the entire subterranean part of the foundation. The excavation is filled again and compacted.


How to find the right foundation or drainage contractor?

Contractors for foundation, drainage, and roof repairs.

Fortunately, modern technology makes it really easy to get connected with the best professionals for any home renovation or improvement.

Our vast network of contractors allows you to find the right professional for your project with just a few clicks.

We use a rigid process for verifying our partner contractors based on their experience, integrity, professionalism, and qualifications. We want to ensure that you deal only with qualified professionals in their field of expertise.

You can find the right foundation or drainage contractor in 3 easy steps:

  • Tell us what the problem is – drainage or foundation
  • We send your request to our partner contractors in your area
  • You receive multiple bids and compare quotes to choose the best offer

Foundation cracks or drainage problems are not to be postponed or taken lightly. It is important to take the necessary step as soon as possible to ensure your property remains in good condition.

Fill out the short online form below to connect with reliable foundation & drainage contractors anywhere in Quebec or Montreal.

Home Gardening & Landscaping tips in Quebec

Enjoying home gardening in beautiful weather.

The outdoor space on your property gives onlookers their first glimpse of your home. First impressions are very important especially when the time comes to sell your property.

Home gardening has become a very popular hobby for people who love being in the outdoors, nurturing plants while exercising the body. Caring for plants and other vegetation improves mood and mental health.

With the right design, the outdoor space in your home will give you more opportunities to enjoy nature and increase your joy as a homeowner.

Turn your yard or garden into your own oasis with beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers to give your home the best appearance possible.

Landscaping companies can provide you with everything you need for your home garden.  Of course, if your outdoor space is huge, you may want to consider hiring landscapers to plan, develop and maintain your front yard or backyard garden.

Get free and no-obligation quotes using the short online form on this page!


Reasons to get Landscaping for your home

Front yard landscaping in summer.

Did you know that landscaping can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%? If you are planning to sell your home soon, there may be less expensive projects that give a higher return on investment.

However, if you are planning to live in your home for many more years and want to enjoy the outdoors more while increasing home value, landscaping is the ideal solution.

Aside from being an excellent way to show your property is well-maintained and boost market value, landscaping offers many more benefits.

Keep in mind that landscaping your home will not only improve its appeal but it can also save you money over time.

More curb appeal

The first and foremost benefit of landscaping is boosting the curb appeal of your home.  Onlookers will have a more attractive glimpse of your home from the outside and make your home more desirable and presentable.

Reduce utility bills

Yes, landscaping can reduce your utility bills. With well-planned landscaping, trees can give your space more shade. This means you can reduce the need to use air-conditioning during the hot summer months.

Increase outdoor livable space

Create livable spaces you and your family can enjoy with a patio, sunroom, or deck. Landscape the surrounding area to increase your comfort and relaxation. You can also have a pergola to enjoy the gardens when the weather is perfect.

Increase privacy and peace of mind

The right vegetation in the right places on your property can also give you more privacy.  You can have more peace of mind that you are safe from the prying eyes of outsiders or criminals.

As you can see, having a well-maintained garden on your property can offer you many rewards for a small investment.

Find out your options from landscaping professionals in our network. Just fill out a short online form and receive free and no-commitment quotes.


When is it time to hire a landscaper?

Are you considering hiring a landscaper but feel uncertain if you should go ahead?   Landscaping is an investment for your home so you can enjoy it more and increase its value.

If your outdoor space is large, it may be difficult to do the gardening by yourself. If you are also busy with your career, an hour or two over the weekend may not be enough.

Landscapers can help you install and maintain landscaping on your property at very reasonable prices.  By hiring a landscaping contractor, you can keep your lawn and gardens looking wonderful all year round with water features, retaining wall, and so many more.

In Quebec, licensed and reputable landscapers are members of the APPQ, a professional organization of landscape contractors. These professionals have received the necessary training and certification in their field and comply with the best practices in their trade.

Home gardening can be fun but it is also time-consuming and physically challenging. If you have a large garden, consider hiring a professional landscaper and benefit from professional landscaping services.


How much does it cost to hire a landscaping contractor?

Installation of water feature

Are you planning a landscaping project from scratch?

It could cost from $3,000 to $20,000, depending on the size of your property and what features you want. On average, the cost for landscaping is about $7 to $15 per square foot.

Expenses associated with a landscaping project


Type of expense Average Cost
City permit $152 for projects with an estimated cost below $15,000proportionate to the cost of the project
Installation of a pond $2,500 to $3,000
Water fountain $2,200 – $2,500
Tree removal depends on the size and type of the tree
roughly $700 to $1,500 per tree
Grading $150++ per cubic yard
Landscaping design $100 to $125 per hour
Turf $3,500 – $10,000
Sodding $.050 to $1.00 per square foot
Irrigation $2,500
Curb $1,000 to $1,500
Retaining wall $20 – $30 per square foot
Gazebo $1,200- $1,500
Wooden Deck $60 to $75 per square foot

** Additional cost for plants, bushes, trees, flowers selected in your design


The success of your project depends on stringent planning. A good landscaping design will allow the right elements to be incorporated in your gardens to suit the style and design of your home.

Turn to landscaping professionals in our network to help you plan and execute the best garden for your front yard or back yard.

Get reliable quotes tailored to your needs from our landscaping partners using our short online form!


What is landscaping maintenance?

Landscapers laying sod on the ground.

There are many avid gardeners out there. If you plan to install a small garden and do your own gardening, no problem. Home gardening is a great activity that helps you stay healthy, happy, and commune with nature.

But it you have an extensive garden, it may be too much for one person to do all-year round.

For most homes, the cost of landscaping does not end with the installation. It will have ongoing costs which we have outlined below.


Type of activity

Average Cost

Recommended frequency
Lawn care $30 to $50 per visit Weekly or Monthly
Hedge trimming / Pruning varies Multiple times year
Mulching $250 to $500 per application Multiple times
Watering $50 to $150 per visit regularly

Can you do the work yourself?

After your landscaping is installed, you can do gardening tasks that you can take on yourself. This includes watering, mulching, or lawn care.

It all depends on your availability and ability (physical condition) to do the work. By doing some of these gardening tasks, you can save on the cost of maintaining your landscaping.


FAQS about home gardening and landscaping

Retaining wall installation

We know you are excited about building your garden or landscaping your home. But we also know that you have a lot of questions on your mind.

Below we present some of the most popular FAQS to help you plan your landscaping project..

What is the ideal landscaping budget?

Home renovation experts recommend that you don’t spend more than 10% of the value of your home on landscaping.  This ensures that you get a good return on your investment.

That means if your home is valued at $500,000, you should plan a budget of less than $50,000. Of course, this is just a rule of thumb. If you want to spend less than 10%, that is fine. It all depends on the outdoor space you have available (size), your personal goals, and your desired design.

For average-sized homes, the median cost homeowners spend on landscaping is around $15,000.

What should I do if there is a power line near the area where I want to plant a tree?

You should never plant climbing plants near a utility pole. Visit the Hydro-Quebec website to find the right plants or trees to choose from planting. They recommend various shrubs or plants suitable with the power distribution system.

Do I need a permit for landscaping in Montreal?

Generally, landscaping in Montreal does not require a permit. There are, however, certain rules that need to be followed. If your home is a heritage building, there could be other requirements.

Your landscaping contractor can help you with permits required, if any. You can also check with your municipality.

What is the right season for landscaping projects?

Many homeowners assume that spring is the right time for a landscaping project. For flowers, spring is the best time for planting. Don’t be surprised but for planting shrubs, trees, and grass, autumn is the better time. When you plant in the fall, the roots can get established for the next 6 months or so before summer arrives.

How can I find the right landscaper?

Word of mouth is a common way to get a landscaper. You could get a referral from a friend, neighbor, or relative. Of course, this is subjective and what could be wonderful for another person may not be the same for you. The smarter way would be to find a landscaper by comparing multiple contractors and checking on their work and prices. You can easily do this on our platform by filling out our short online form, free of charge. We have also screened all our partners strictly to ensure a satisfactory and honest transaction for you.

Is an irrigation system necessary?

Watering your plants and lawn is necessary for them to thrive. Installing an irrigation system would be helpful because you can set it to the parts of the lawn you want and saves you from doing much of the work.

Can landscaping increase the resale value of my property?

Yes, landscaping will boost the market value of your home. Realtors and homebuyers appreciate a well-maintained property.  Attract more buyers with great curb appeal from landscaping.

If I want to start a home garden, how do I pick the right plants?

You can buy starter plants for a home garden so you don’t have to wait too long for them to grow and you benefit from the results right away.

If you prefer creating your garden yourself, you can pick easy-to-grow plants. It is also great to grow plants you like to eat.  Whatever you choose, remember to start small and expand as you become better at gardening.

Do landscaping contractors require a down payment?

Most contractors, regardless of the type of renovation, ask for a small down payment to cover their initial cost.  Some contractors request a down payment through your credit card or check payment.

For your protection, never give a down payment until you have validated the contractor and have a signed contract. It should also be a minimum down-payment, preferably 20% or less of the cost of the project.


Financing for your landscaping project

We understand that times are tough – you may not have $10,000 lying around to spend on landscaping.

Don’t worry because financing options are available to help you do your home improvement project.

Canadian homeowners can tap into their home equity to pay for renovation projects including landscaping.  Home equity loans are also easier to obtain than other types of loans.

Is it a good idea to borrow money for landscaping? If you can afford to pay monthly for the cost of landscaping over a certain number of years, why not? It is an investment as it can boost the market value of your property.

Landscaping projects are worthwhile investments because they can increase the home’s selling price in the future. And for the meantime, while you live in your home, you can enjoy the spaces in your home more.

The first step in planning your landscaping project is to determine what you want and know how much you need for your landscaping.

To be ready with your budget, get accurate quotes from landscaping contractors in your area.

Get started by filling out the short online form on this page!
Receive multiple quotes free of charge and with no obligation.