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Hedge-cutting, Pruning, and Tree Felling in Montreal & Quebec

Landscaping services for your property from qualified contractors.

Homeowners need tree services to keep their grounds clean, attractive, and safe. Tree contractors in Montreal and Quebec offer a variety of services including hedge cutting, pruning, and tree cutting for your convenience, all-year round.

Maintaining trees in your yard are better left in the experienced hands of arborists or tree professionals. Doing so will help you to avoid property damage, personal injuries, or damage to your trees or plants.

Arborists can also assess the health of your trees and recommend services needed for proper maintenance. With a properly pruned tree, your property increases in value. You will also avoid personal liability in case of accidents or injury to others and their property.

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Why hire tree care specialists for your property?

Trees surrounding a property add to its aesthetic appeal and make the home more attractive and unique. Trees also make us feel closer to nature and increase our enjoyment of the outdoors.

Tree care companies offer their services to homeowners the whole year. If trees in your property are not well-maintained, you could end up spending thousands of dollars.

Homeowners are advised to have their trees inspected every year for diseases, cracks, and overgrowth as these could cause damage to power lines or adjoining properties.

A tree inspection before the winter starts is important because ice storms or strong winds are common. As a property owner, it is advisable to take responsibility for the trees for safety reasons and to maintain the curb appeal and value of the home.

Tree care contractors offer tree care for tree maintenance, tree planting, pruning, removal of old and compromised trees, pruning, and hedge cutting with the right equipment.

Qualified contractors also employ experienced arborists and have the proper insurance for your peace of mind and protection.


Who needs a tree care company or contractor?

If you have trees on your property, whether it is commercial or residential, you need the services of a tree care specialist.

For the safety of people and properties around you, it is essential to get tree trimming and tree care services from qualified contractors. Many trees need to be cut down each year. Professionals will handle the safe removal of trees, especially in urban areas where there are many obstacles around them.

In Quebec, the law mandates that only Hydro-Quebec or a professional tree specialist can do tree pruning or cutting within 3 meters of a medium-voltage power line.

If you are planning on doing landscaping or tree trimming on your property and it is near a power line, make sure to check local guidelines and consult a professional tree care company.

There are also instances when the neighbor’s tree’s roots could extend to your land and affect the use of your property. You should request your neighbor to have the roots or branches cut.

You could be liable for damage caused by trees on your property. Hence, regular tree maintenance is essential.

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Things to look for regarding trees on your property

Tree removal services from contractors.

Having trees on your property comes with certain responsibilities. Below are things to look out for regarding the maintenance of your trees.

  • Elimination of rubbing branches
  • Dead or weak limbs
  • Diseased trees
  • Storm damage
  • Branches that interfere with gutters, chimneys, wires, street or sidewalks, and buildings
  • Mushrooms, wounds, cankers on limbs or the trunk
  • Dying trees
  • Animals such as woodpeckers or insects that threaten the health of your tree
  • Pollarding (tree that has been topped)
  • Thinning crown

Tree Pruning

As the trees on your property mature, the value of your home can also be increased. As a homeowner, you have the responsibility of making sure that the trees on your property do not pose any hazards.

Professional tree specialists (arborists) can prune the trees to remove damaged or diseased branches, remove crowding limbs, and eliminate any risks or danger.

They can also increase the crown of the tree by removing lower branches. Local regulations require clearances for driveways, sidewalks, and garages.

Tree Cutting or Removal

Felling a tree is a last resort and should be considered only if the safety of people or personal property is at risk. Arborists will assess the need to take down a tree for safety. They have the necessary equipment to do it safely.

Some situations wherein the removal of a tree is necessary:

  • Tree is too close to the home, utility lines, other buildings, or pool
  • Roots causing damage to the home’s foundation or to driveways, sidewalks, or other buildings
  • Potential hazard from storm damage
  • The tree is diseased, dying, or dead
  • The tree is blocking a planned renovation or construction

Professional tree care companies can provide crane service for the removal of large trees.

In Montreal, you need to obtain a permit to cut down a mature tree on your land.  Check tree care regulations in Montreal or coordinate with your tree company for the requirements.


Trees and Shrubs Fertilization

In urban areas like Montreal and Quebec, trees require fertilization so they can thrive.

Homeowners like you want their trees to give aesthetic value for decades, or even centuries. Certified professionals with experience can ensure the health of trees and shrubs on your property.  They will pay special attention to what nutrients the trees need for longevity.

With a focus on safety, our partner contractors also have the required insurance to protect your home and its landscaping.


The cost of a tree care or removal company

Landscaper efficiently removing a tree.

Tree removal services can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000 although most homeowners pay around $700 to $1,000.  The rate depends on the size of the tree for removal. Of course, the removal of bigger trees cost more than small ones.

Don’t be tempted to hire part-timers who offer cheaper rates as they may not have the proper insurance for the job. While it looks quite simple, accidents or unforeseen events can have drastic consequences. Qualified arborists have licenses and receive proper training for correct tree removal practices.

The size and the type of tree also have an impact on the price of tree removal services.  Mature oak trees and cedar trees cost more to remove than palm trees. Poplar trees are more difficult to remove due to their complex root systems and are the most expensive to remove.


Factors that increase the cost of a tree removal

Fallen tree after a storm.

Has a tree fallen on your property and is now posing a risk to your home or building? Emergency tree removal services are more expensive than one that you schedule ahead of time.

Other issues that make tree removal difficult such as a sloped yard, rocky soil, or proximity to power lines can significantly increase the cost.

If special equipment like a crane is needed to prevent a falling tree from damaging structures, it will also increase the cost by about $500 or more.

If a permit is needed for the tree removal, you will also need to pay a fee of $70 to $150.

Other tree maintenance services

Unless it is an emergency, homeowners usually schedule tree removal along with a small or large scale landscaping activity.  It makes sense to hire a company that can provide a full-scale of services rather than hiring multiple contractors.

Removing Debris

The quote for a tree removal generally includes disposing of the large branches and the trunk. But you could still have debris left on your land which you can’t easily dispose of by yourself.

For an additional price, tree removal specialists can haul away all debris left after a tree removal service.

Stump removal

Your tree removal service might not include removal of the stump.  Some homeowners can creatively use it as part of their landscaping design but others may just want it eliminated.

A specialized contractor can do this for you for an additional cost of $200 to $500. The price depends on how extensive the root system is and the time it takes to remove the stump completely.


Is topping a tree allowed in Montreal?

In all parts of Montreal, the practice of topping a tree, meaning cutting down 50% or more of its head or crown, is prohibited. It is a harmful practice that can cause damage and even lead to lawsuits.

There is one exception, which is for fruit-bearing trees. They are dwarfed from when they are young. If the tree in your yard is large, the height can be reduced gradually over a 3-year period to prevent damage to the tree.

Arborists are the best resources for safe and healthy practices for pruning and tree removal.

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Hedge-trimming services: Cost and benefits

Trimming a hedge on a property.

Cedar hedges need trimming regularly. They must have just a few inches of green on their limbs. If trimming is not done properly, it will look unsightly or fail to generate new growth.

Without regular trimming, cedar hedges get very wide and could block livable spaces in the home.

Native to Quebec, cedars are usually trimmed in September but it can also be done all-year round except when temperatures are more than 30°C.

Professional hedge trimming will give your yard that very attractive appearance you desire.

The cost of pruning or trimming your hedges varies on the size of the property. Take a look at some of the factors that affect the overall cost.

Height of the Hedge

If the hedge is more than 6 feet tall, a ladder must be used for pruning. This can slow down the job as climbing up and down and moving it increases the time to finish the job. An additional person will also be needed to assist with the ladder for safety reasons.

Length of the Hedge

Does the hedge run along the whole property?  The length makes a big difference in the price. The longer it is, the higher the cost. It could be as low as $300 to as much as $2,000.


Landscapers consider access to be a major issue. If the hedge is easy to access such as if located in front of the property, it takes a shorter time to finish.  When it is at the back or with obstacles such as sheds, boats, etc., it may take a longer time to complete.

Cleaning-up and Disposal

After trimming the hedges, there could be a lot of waste on the property. The contractor can haul away the organic waste for an additional cost.


Quotes for hedge trimming or tree removal services

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And while there is nothing as lovely as a tree, professional tree care services are necessary to keep your property looking well-maintained and safe.

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