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Drainage & Foundation Repairs in Montreal & Quebec

Drainage and foundation repairs from contractors in Quebec and Montreal.

Cracks in the foundation are bad news for homeowners. But the good news is that repairs are available and are offered by specialized contractors in Montreal and Quebec.

If you see foundation cracks or problems in your drainage, don’t be stressed out. Our partner contractors have the right materials and solutions to give lasting results to your home.

Keeping the house in good condition is of paramount importance. Not only does it shelter us and provide comfort every day, it is also the biggest asset of most Canadians!

Don’t waste time and connect with the best contractors to fix your foundation or drainage problems.

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Most Common Foundation Issues for Homeowners

Professional assessment of foundation cracks.

The age of the house and necessary repairs or renovations can be vexing for homeowners. Of course, repairs cost money and inconvenience.  Because the foundation supports the home’s structure, it is important to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Foundation Cracks

Cracks are commonly seen on the inside or outside of older homes. They vary in size and some cracks will need urgent repairs.

No matter the size or width of these cracks, they need to be taken seriously and dealt with at the soonest possible time. Failure to fix cracks can lead to water infiltration, mold, or additional damage. These issues can further degrade the home’s condition.

A reliable foundation contractor can diagnose the problem with a professional assessment and recommend the right solutions.


This problem may not be so urgent but it does cause headaches to homeowners. Efflorescence refers to the white stains you see on the foundation walls.

Water and a brush can take care of this annoying problem but it can come back time and again. Consult a contractor to help you get rid of the problem permanently.

Water infiltration

Do you see cracks in the foundation? This can be a sign of water infiltration, too. It could also be due to problems with the French drain. Whatever it is, you should consult a foundation contractor as soon as possible.


Pyrite is the mineral in the concrete used for building the foundation of older homes. It is not generally a big problem but it can be an issue when it is in contact with water and air as it can cause cracks in the foundation.

Pyrite becomes visible many years after the construction of the house. You can also ask a foundation contractor to check for pyrite.

Shifting foundation

Are doors or windows in the house not closing properly? Do you have crooked floors?  Some cracks in the foundation walls may have grown bigger. Over time, the foundation in older houses may move or shift and can have these effects.

If you are worried, speak to one of our partner contractors so that a proper assessment can be done. He will recommend the right solutions for your foundation problems.


Common reasons for foundation cracks

Want to know what causes cracks in the foundation? Here are the most common reasons.

Solid poured concrete: Cracks can form in solid poured concrete. This problem is quite common and can be repaired permanently outside or inside. The foundation wall is restored to its full thickness with a permanent waterproof resin.

Drainage problems: Weeping tile, window wells, French drains, sump pumps, or yard drainage can be the source of the foundation problems. These can be fixed with replacement drainage systems to solve the issue.

Wall leaks: Block stone, cinder block, or poured concrete can leak. These issues may be the cause of the cracks in the foundation. Waterproof membranes can be installed to protect the foundation from water infiltration.

Structural issues: Repairs can be done with epoxy, carbon fibre, or foundation replacement. If the structural problem is huge, complete wall or foundation replacement may be needed.

Sometimes, foundation cracks must be resolved from the exterior. Waterproofing of foundation cracks and excavation might be permanent solutions but they can be a dangerous undertaking. Multi-membrane repairs are quite successful for addressing foundation cracks and are installed after excavation and tied to the drainage system. It is also possible to repair cracks using high-pressure urethane resin injection to fill the crack from the inside to the outside.

Are you looking for solutions for foundation cracks?

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Services offered by foundation specialists

Installation of French drain for drainage solutions.

Our partner contractors specializing in foundations offer many services to solve your problems.

  • Foundation crack repairs
  • Floor or house leveling
  • French drain repair or installation
  • Pyrite
  • Foundation stabilization
  • Underpinning
  • Replacement of a foundation
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Excavation
  • Roughcast
  • Waterproofing
  • Concrete slab
  • Foundation wall
  • Concrete

Whether you need a small or large-scale foundation work, we have partner contractors that can do the work efficiently and for the right price.

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FAQS about foundation repairs

Repair cracked foundation with professional contractors.

Are foundation cracks normal?

Foundation cracks are common and it doesn’t always mean a massive problem. Regular inspection can spot these cracks and repair quickly so prevent further spreading.  There are cracks that are severe and these should be attended to by a specialist as soon as possible.

What are active and passive cracks?

Knowing the difference can help you to determine the best course of action. If a crack is active, it gets bigger over time. They must be repaired as soon as possible. Passive cracks don’t grow bigger quickly and are not urgent. Get a professional to check foundation cracks to get the right solution for the problem.

Is my house really sinking?

A sinking house means the foundation is moving. Some indicators are large cracks in the foundation, floor is not level, water infiltration, and roof distortions.

A foundation contractor can do an evaluation and recommend the best course of action.

Is it important to waterproof the foundation?

Concrete sustains damage from humidity and water. The foundation is exposed to the elements and is very prone to damage if not properly waterproofed.

There are different methods of waterproofing. You can get advice from foundation specialists to find the best waterproofing solution for your house.

Do I need a contractor for foundation repairs?

Yes, you must work with an experienced contractor to ensure that any repairs comply with the building code.  Specialists are knowledgeable about the best methods for repairing foundation cracks and waterproofing. Working with a professional will ensure long-lasting and permanent repairs to fix the problem.

Keep in mind that the foundation is an essential aspect of your home and has a huge impact on the value of your property.


The cost of repairing foundation cracks

House wall with cracks in the foundation.

The cost of repairing foundation cracks vary from one company to the next. It also depends on the gravity of the issue and the method of repair needed.

Most foundation cracks are repaired using interior epoxy injection. This method involves sealing the cracks with polyurethane injection and epoxy. It is very reliable when done professionally. This method can cost around $900 to $2,500 based on the size of the affected area.

Structural cracks are more serious because they can affect the integrity of the home. The method used for structural cracks combines carbon fibre countersunk staples with epoxy injection.

Structural foundation cracks are horizontal and usually more than ¼ inch.  The cost of this method can range from $1,250 to $5,000 depending on the gravity and size of the affected area.

Exterior crack repairs are done around the home’s foundation due to root, backfill, and water issues. It requires excavation of the foundation and repairing of the cracks using hydraulic cement and carbon fibre staples and the application of a waterproof membrane on top.

Once the exterior foundation is repaired, crushed stone backfill, proper membranes, and grading are also done to make sure that water is kept away from the house.

The cost of this service generally starts at around $5,000 depending on the scope and size of the work.

You can also get a professional assessment for foundation crack repair.
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Keep the basement dry with drainage repairs

Damage caused by a wet basement.

Do you have a moist crawl space? Are you concerned with your French drain or backyard drain?Worry no more because whatever it is, our reliable partners are ready to help you.

French drain systems

If you have a wet basement, it may be time to check your drainage system or have a French drain installed.

Basement leaks can be difficult to fix with excavation due to limitations with access. Some of these limitations can also include porches, sun rooms, landscaping, decks, or garages. They may prevent waterproofing from the exterior.

A French drain, or internal subfloor drainage system, is an ideal option to exterior waterproofing or weeping tile replacement. It is installed under the floor and on the edge of the walls. A contractor can fasten a waterproof membrane and connect the drainage system under the floor. This will solve your “wet basement” problem.

The cost of installing a French drain depends on factors such as:

  • The size of your home
  • The equipment to be used
  • The space between properties

Overall, you might spend $20,000 to $32,000 for your drainage project based on several factors. You can get a more accurate quote from our partner contractors by filling out our short online form.

Waterproofing from the outside

If you need to waterproof a basement from the home’s exterior, the earth on the bottom of the wall must be excavated. The weeping tile will be exposed and inspected so that a replacement can be installed, if needed.

Holes and cracks will be repaired and waterproof membranes will also be installed on the entire subterranean part of the foundation. The excavation is filled again and compacted.


How to find the right foundation or drainage contractor?

Contractors for foundation, drainage, and roof repairs.

Fortunately, modern technology makes it really easy to get connected with the best professionals for any home renovation or improvement.

Our vast network of contractors allows you to find the right professional for your project with just a few clicks.

We use a rigid process for verifying our partner contractors based on their experience, integrity, professionalism, and qualifications. We want to ensure that you deal only with qualified professionals in their field of expertise.

You can find the right foundation or drainage contractor in 3 easy steps:

  • Tell us what the problem is – drainage or foundation
  • We send your request to our partner contractors in your area
  • You receive multiple bids and compare quotes to choose the best offer

Foundation cracks or drainage problems are not to be postponed or taken lightly. It is important to take the necessary step as soon as possible to ensure your property remains in good condition.

Fill out the short online form below to connect with reliable foundation & drainage contractors anywhere in Quebec or Montreal.