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For all of your landscaping needs in Quebec or Montreal, Landscaping Quotes has the best in the industry for your projects!

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Why hire a professional landscaper?

Beautiful and long-lasting landscaping: Thanks to reliable partners and modern equipment, Landscaping Quotes is guaranteed to meet your expectations. Your long-term satisfaction is the priority of our partners given the importance of word-of-mouth in the business.

Save time and energy: Avoid the unnecessary frustration of trying to do everything yourself in order to save money. A quality job will also save you money over time. Plus, if savings is what you’re looking for, some landscaping companies are very affordable!

A wide range of services: With their turnkey service, professionals can usually take care of all aspects of your project-from excavation, paving, or landscaping. You probably don’t need to hire 4-5 different service providers for your Quebec landscaping.

A reliable contract: Members of the Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du Qu├ębec are accountable and must uphold their commitments to their clients. Have peace of mind in selecting one of the companies that will bid on your job if you use Landscaping Quotes


Landscaping Quotes is a free and quick service to obtain quality quotes from renowned landscapers for all your projects -from the smallest to the most complex. Whether you need professionals for the complete landscaping of your property or for specific work (paving stones, excavation, earthworks, rip-rap, retaining walls, stone borders, swimming pool landscaping, irrigation, water gardens, etc.), our online quotation system will allow you to find the offer that best suits your needs. Our network of partners covers Montreal and the Quebec region. Tell us your criteria and we’ll take care of the rest. You will generally receive your quotes from reputable companies within the next 24 hours, by phone and email.